Is The Wilds season 2 release date confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the 2020 Amazon series and explore its future.

TV enthusiasts may often reflect back on the days of watching Lost with fondness and it’s regularly cited as one of the best shows of the twenty-first century.

Arguably, few shows have scratched that very specific itch since. However, The Wilds has arrived on Amazon Prime Video to tackle a similarly “mysteriously marooned” narrative, instead centring on a teenage ensemble.

Created by Sarah Streicher, the new series plunges us into the turmoil of teens stranded on an island, blending survivalist themes with timely drama.

Many audiences have made quick work of its 10-episode first season since it landed on Friday, December 11th 2020.

Inevitably, fans are hoping for more, but has The Wilds season 2 release date been confirmed?

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Is The Wilds season 2 release date confirmed?

  • No, a release date for The Wilds season 2 is yet to be confirmed.

Amazon is yet to officially renew the series for a second season, so it’s currently uncertain whether fans can expect another batch of episodes.

However, Collider’s conversation with both Sarah Streicher and showrunner Amy B. Harris reveals their thoughts on the show’s future at this point.

When asked about the current TV landscape and the effects of COVID-19 on production and cancellations, Amy said:

“Well, for me, I’m nervous no matter what, because I’m always assuming the worst is going to happen because that’s my personality… I think we gave the audience a really exciting cliffhanger and hopefully really authentic, exciting characters that you’d want to invest in. So, we’re hopeful for a second season, but obviously that’s for the streaming gods to tell us.”

She added: “What Sarah had done that I really loved when I came onto the show, is she had a lot of very strong ideas about where the show was going to go next.”

Sarah Streicher and Amy B. Harris on The Wilds

Continuing to chat with Collider about the show’s potential future and ideas they have already, Harris added:

“I would say we have a very good blueprint, but are willing and open, once we start building the next portions of the house, to see different things come together. But yeah, we did not want to get into a position where we were like, “Where do we go now? We’ve sort of written ourselves into corners.” We’ve tried to kind of really build out a structure.”

Additionally, Sarah offered some insight: “… we do have vignette ideas where each girl will land at the end of this. And that is important for keeping us on track, character-wise. And that was really fun to generate — the idea of where do they land, after this experience?”

Taking this into consideration, it’s optimistic that Amazon will renew the series if the streaming figures suggest enough audience interest.

Renewal news will likely emerge in early 2021.

Fans are eager for season 2

Sarah and Amy clearly have ideas moving forward and a number of audiences have already expressed enthusiasm for a second season on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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