Florida Gators’ Keyontae Johnson had everyone worried after a video of him collapsing on the curt surfaced online.

The incident took place on Saturday (December 12) and saw Keyontae falling on the court during the timeout. Several videos surfaced online after the incident took place and his fans were concerned about the basketball player’s health.

Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

What happened to Keyontae Johnson?

Several videos surfaced online and showed what had happened during the match. As per The Guardian, Keyontae had been walking on the court, and he seemed to struggle with his balance. Within a matter of seconds, the basketball player fell face-flat on the floor.

His teammates were quick to call for help. While some of them seemed concerned, the others broke down in worry. Keyontae was taken to the  Tallahassee Memorial for evaluation. Florida Gators did not reveal what exactly happened with Keyontae. However, they assured everyone he was in a critical but stable condition. Despite Keyontae’s absence, the game continued. Unfortunately, Keyontae’s condition affected the players as the team ended up losing the match.

Fans wished Keyontae Johnson a speedy recovery

Several people on the Internet came across Keyontae Johnson’s video that showed him collapsing. Following this, many wished him a speedy recovery. “My prayers are going out to Keyontae Johnson and his family. I am hoping for a speedy recovery to this fine young man with a bright future ahead of him,” read one comment.

“I just saw the Keyontae Johnson video OMG I pray that kid is ok. I’ve never seen a player just literally drop and collapse like that during a game.” wrote another. “Prayers for Keyontae Johnson. What a scary situation! Prayers for the doctors who are taking care of him that they can find the issues and help him with a safe recovery” read another comment.

“I haven’t been able to get Keyontae Johnson off my mind all day long… please continue to pray,” said another.

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