Rachel Campos-Duffy was seen on ‘Fox and Friends’ today instead of Jedediah Bila. This article will uncover why the television host was missing from the screen.

Jedediah has managed to leave a mark on people ever since she started hosting ‘Fox and Friends.’ Some showed their happiness over Jedediah being absent from the show, while the others were disappointed not to see her. After a long silence, Jedediah finally broke her silence.

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What happened to Jedediah Bila?

For those who tuned in to watch ‘Fox and Friends,’ you would have noticed Jedediah was not present. Instead, viewers got to watch Rachel step in and take her place. Jedediah decided to break her silence on Twitter and revealed her absence was due to a family emergency.

“If I’m not on your TV today due to a home emergency and you still took the time to hate tweet @ me, I’m taking up way too much space in your head. Flattered, though!” she wrote. Jedediah responded after several people trolled her online. People were quick to state the show was better off without her.

However, Jedediah decided to pay no attention to the bullies as she made everyone aware that her absence was temporary. It is most likely that viewers will get to see her again soon.

Jedediah’s fans support her against the trolls

Jedediah became a victim of online trolls after her absence from the show. Some people on social media were quick to ask her not to return. Along with Jedediah’s response, her fans also came in support of her. “omg, these responses make me so sad. What has happened to society? Left or right, this idea that it is ok to talk to people like this, should be unacceptable by ALL. Having “opinions” is one thing. But straight-up childish hate…….Twitter needs a little pixie dust. The end,” wrote one user.

“You are one fearless cookie Jed. You are a great defender of truth and pls ignore these lowlife haters,” wrote another. “I hope you and your family are ok. I was worried that Fox News did something to you. Hang in there,” said another. “Hope everything is okay! Take good care and have a good weekend!” read another comment.

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