Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein’s podcast led to another fallout as the YouTuber decided to drag Hila Klein and Moses Hacmon into her conversation in the latest episode.

Trisha did not seem happy with Ethan when he told her not to mention Hila’s name in their podcast. This confrontation led to Trisha having a meltdown on the show that soon resulted in her quitting their famous podcast ‘Frenemies.’

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Trisha Paytas’ fallout with Ethan Klein on the podcast explained

Trisha and Ethan host the podcast ‘Frenemies,’ and in their latest episode, the YouTuber thought it would be a good idea to welcome Hila Klein on the show. However, Ethan did not feel the same. He was quick to tell Trisha not to mention Hila on the podcast as she did not like it.

Trisha and Hila had been having problems for a long time. Tension started rising during the podcast after Ethan dismissed Trisha’s request to have Hila on the show. Trisha asked Ethan if Hila was “too good” for the podcast that she didn’t want to be mention. Meanwhile, Ethan tried to explain how Hila did not appreciate Trisha commenting on Hila and her relationship with Moses Hacmon.

However, Trisha tried to reason it out by saying she had become the talking point of their conversations all the time. Things turned sore on the show as Trisha and Ethan had a misunderstanding over one of her comments. Trisha mentioned she would never hire a nanny to take care of her children. Ethan thought it was a dig and his and Hila’s parenting.

The podcast ended with Trisha stating that she won’t be coming back to the house for the podcast. Even though Ethan wanted to move past their conversation, Trisha did not seem interested.

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Trisha Paytas and boyfriend Moses Hacmon

Trisha revealed Moses sister’s Hila was not happy to find out that the two had been dating. Trisha claimed she had started dating Moses to get back at the Klein family. However, she managed to fall in love with Moses in the short span that they spent together.

Due to Trisha’s relationship with Hila, the YouTuber claimed things had not been great between her and Moses. She even accused the Klein family of stirring the pot of drama and causing friction between her and Moses. While the pair split for a brief moment, they managed to get back together.

The latest episode of Trisha and Ethan’s podcast hints another drama is on the way. While Trisha ended the podcast by saying she won’t be coming back, there have been no updates on the fate of the podcast as of now.

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