What’s the Zoey Proasheck drama? We explore why social media is talking about the Yogscast YouTuber.

Zoey Proasheck is known under the username Zoeya and is a content producer for Yogscast, a gaming channel. However, Zoey also has her own YouTube and Twitch channels which feature gaming videos with her partner Fiona.

On YouTube she has 390,000 subscribers and also has a popular Twitter account with 109,000 followers under the handle @proasheck.

Zoey Proasheck drama

The situation here is not so much drama and more just an announcement. Taking to Reddit, Zoey Proasheck shared her story of being transgender, explaining why she felt she now had to come out.

In a post within the Yogscast subreddit, she wrote:

“So, hello to you all, my name is Zoey, and I am here to tell you that I am transgender. I have been living this way for a very long time, across decades, and everything I’ve achieved, every roadblock I’ve overcome, everything that has led me to this, and even this exact moment itself, I am so very proud of it all,”

Throughout the post, she explains that she felt forced to break this to her following, although it’s not made clear exactly by who.

“Conversations kept me anxious and defensive. Something so personal and intimate to me and I no longer had any control over it. It was a gossip piece behind my back, about me but not for me, and it put my safety at a massive risk. Of those that gained this information without my consent, not many have had the decency or respect to inform or discuss with me. It’s been hidden away from me, or pursued through invasive pestering questions to my partners, close friends, family members, or co-workers. A slow but steady leak spreading from people that absolutely should know better. The disrespect and lack of thought or care for my well-being has caused me deep indescribable turmoil.”

In the post, she goes on to assure fans that there won’t be much change in terms of her content and also says that she doesn’t plan on talking about it very often, but that it now means she can talk in greater detail about her experiences when doing things such as donating to LGBTQ+ charities on her channel.

Fans’ reactions to the announcement

Many fans of Zoey Proasheck have taken to Twitter to show the Yogscast member support for the Reddit post.

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