Who was Barbara Windsor married to? The soap legend’s death was announced by her husband last night.

Dame Barbara Windsor sadly passed away on December 10th after a six-year battle with Alzheimer’s. Her husband had been caring for her since.

In a statement released to PA, he said:

“Her passing was from Alzheimer’s/dementia and Barbara eventually died peacefully and I spent the last seven days by her side. Myself, her and family and friend will remember Barbara with love, a smile and affection for the many years of her love, fun, friendship and brightness she brought to all our lives and the entertainment she gave to so many thousands of others during her career.”

Who was Barbara Windsor married to?

Barbara Windsor was married to Scott Mitchell, who she wed in 2000 in a ceremony at the Dorchester hotel with only three witnesses.

The pair had an age gap of 27 years, meeting in 1992 when she was 55 and he was 28. Dame Barbara Windsor met his as the son of one of her friends, after he offered to give her a lift from dinner while she was married to her second husband.

It wasn’t until later, after her marriage had ended, that things turned romantic.  Scott Mitchell works as a recruitment consultant, but was previously an actor in projects like Goodnight Sweetheart and Kavanagh QC.

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Who was she married to before?

Scott Mitchell was Dame Barbara Windsor’s third husband, having previously wed Ronnie Knight between 1964 and 1985, and Stephen Hollings between 1986 and 1995.

Ronnie Knight was a well-know nightclub owner, who was friendly with the likes of Ronnie and Reggie Kray. The pair reportedly divorced after Ronnie Knight moved to Spain after a £6 million robbery took place. He denies any involvement in the robbery but was jailed in 1995.

Stephen Hollings is a chef from Yorkshire and married Barbara Windsor in Jamaica. He was 18 years her junior, and they bought an Inn to run together in Buckinghamshire. However, the business reportedly failed alongside their marriage.

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Barbara Windsor’s notable relationships

She may have been married three times, but the actress also had a series of well documented relationships too.

Dame Barbara Windsor is said to have dated Reggie Kray and his older brother Charlie.

During her first marriage, she admitted to having an affair with Carry On co-star Sid James. She told The Mirror:

“He’d been pestering me for months. At the time, I didn’t even fancy him. But he obviously thought I was this raving, sexy little thing and I thought if I did the dirty deed he’d leave me alone. Yes, I loved him in the end, but I also loved Ronnie. I felt safe with him.”

Famous men seemed to fall at her feet too and in an interview with the Guardian she recounted the gifts she’s been flattered with:

“I had a beautiful, beautiful present from Sid James, a heart in jet with diamonds.

“And I had a charm which Frank Sinatra’s jeweller gave me when I was on Broadway. He said, ‘Frank said have this’.

“And there was this beautiful thing Danny La Rue bought me, this little antique cross.”

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