Bryce Hall and Dave Portnoy have been feuding on Twitter, and there seems to be some real beef between the pair. Here’s exactly what happened.

Dave Portnoy is pretty big in the social media world. The 43-year-old founded Barstool Sports and then started his own podcast The Dave Portnoy Show.

He then began engaging with the TikTok world after he started a second Podcast alongside TikTok star Josh Richards earlier this year, and now he seems to be starting a whole load of beef with Bryce Hall.

Heres everything you need to know about Bryce Hall and Dave Portnoy’s Twitter feud.

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Bryce Hall and Dave Portnoy feud explained

The beef between Bryce and Dave all started when Dave made a sarcastic reference to some drama that’s ben occurring surrounding Bryce’s girlfriend Addison Rae.

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Featuring on a new track called E-ER by DJ Scheme, Lil Yachty rapped some pretty disrespectful lyrics about Addison, and it all blew up on Twitter between Bryce and Lil Yachty.

Dave Portnoy then tweeted a photoshopped image that made it appear like Lil Yachty had made a song titled ‘Bryce Hall’ with the caption “this you?”.

Bryce responded to the 43-year-old podcaster with a very mocking tweet.

He called Dave a “very sad old man” and said:

“Creating a podcast with an 18-year-old as a 50-year-old man for clout is an embarrassing enough insult as it is… don’t even need to come on your sh*t podcast nor roast you lol.”

Dave Portnoy then continued the feud and said: “Are you crying? I think Bryce is crying. Oh boo hoo Bwyceeee mad mad. All cause @alexandracooper said he looks like Sid from Ice Age.”

In the tweet, Dave was referring to drama from earlier this year when podcaster Alexandra Cooper roasted Bryce Hall on her podcast Call Her Daddy.

He also posted a GIF of Sid from the film Ice Age, just to get his point across.

The attacks on Bryce Hall continued, and Dave sarcastically wrote: “It’s time to teach Sid a lesson. I wish I didn’t have to do this. I really didn’t. But the kid has to learn.”

He then enlisted help from Barstool Sports Journalist Vindog to further attack Bryce Hall. Vindog then made a series of videos on both TikTok and Twitter mocking Bryce Hall.

Dave Portnoy started making memes of Bryce Hall too.

However, Bryce didn’t hold back, and continued to respond with sarcastic messages about the “attack of the old people” he was receiving.

“Guys, a team of 70-year-olds are making memes of me. I think I’m gonna deactivate. My career is OVER,” he joked.

Then, Dave called out Bryce for allegedly begging him to appear on his new podcast, and he even attached screenshots to prove it.

However, Bryce didn’t have anything more to say, and the feud was finally over – for now.

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