As part of The Game Awards 2020, Among Us developer Inner Sloth revealed the Airship, a brand new map that will be added to the game in 2021.

The Game Awards had plenty of praise for Among Us, as the 2018 social game won both the Best Mobile and Best Multiplayer awards, beating out stiff competition from far better funded studios.

The new map is an interesting choice, as it’s based on another popular game from the same developer which released just a few months before Among Us exploded in popularity in English-speaking countries.

When will the Airship map come to Among Us?

At present, there is no set release date for the Airship map in Among Us: developer Inner Sloth simply states that it’s coming in “early 2021”.

The trailer at the Game Awards shows off a fully functioning level with plenty of new mechanics, such as ladders and moving platforms. The level of polish and variety of gameplay shown off in the trailer suggests that the Airship map is mostly complete, so fans can expect it to release imminently.

Inner Sloth’s Marcus Bromander has stated on Twitter that the Airship level wasn’t quite ready for release in 2020, and as such, had to be pushed back, but it doesn’t seem like it will take long to add the finishing touches to the map in 2021.

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Why is the Among Us Airship map based on Henry Stickmin?

Among Us’s Airship map is a direct reference to the Henry Stickmin game Infiltrating the Airship. This Flash game was released on Newgrounds in 2013 and was instrumental in Inner Sloth’s lead designer, Marcus Bromander, gaining enough of a following to launch Among Us.

Before creating Among Us, Bromander made a series of Flash games under the Henry Stickmin banner, and worked on a complete remaster of these games, entitled The Henry Stickmin Collection, both during development of Among Us, and in the two years that the game grew in popularity around the world.

The Henry Stickmin Collection released to critical acclaim mere months before Among Us finally started gaining popularity among English speaking communities, which no doubt influenced the decision to create the Airship map in the popular social game.

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