Fortnite’s latest Emote, Sing Along, allows your avatar to sing carols in an effort to spread festive cheer to your fellow players.

The Sing Along Emote shows the player’s character swaying and opening thier mouth in song, as they hold their hands together, grasping sheet music. You’ll also be able to hear singing.

This new Emote is already proving popular among those who are getting into the holiday spirit, and while its long-term availability isn’t yet clear, it may well prove popular even after Christmas has passed for those who want their avatars to look like they’re singing or for those who enjoy out of season ironic Christmas cheer.

How to get the Sing Along Emote in Fortnite

To get the Sing Along Emote in Fortnite, you’ll need to purchase it from the game’s store. It costs 200 V-bucks on its first day of sale, December 10.

It’s not known when the Emote will be on sale, and if it will be available indefinitely through the festive period, or whether it will only be on sale for certain days. It’s also unclear whether its price will vary over time as Epic Games determines its relative popularity.

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As such, if you’re interested in the Fortnite Sing Along Emote, you may need to take your chances, either purchasing it at its initial price, or choosing to wait for another occasion.

How to use the Sing Along Emote with friends

As the Sing Along Emote portrays Christmas carolling, it’s unspurprising that the Emote works best with multiple players using it at once.

While the Emote generates festive-sounding, non-denominational choir singing no matter how many people are using it, if a group of players all perform the Emote at the same time, it will sound like a group of carollers.

The more Fortnite players that join in with the Sing Along Emote, the more nuanced and complex the resulting carol will sound. This gives plenty of incentive for squads to all purchase the Emote to use it to its full effect.