Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s As the Crow Flies quest tasks the player with tracking down a series of hidden Paracausal Feathers. This can be a tedious process, especially as the game doesn’t tell the player exactly what they’re even looking for.

Nevertheless, the As the Crow Flies quest is worth persevering with, not least because it unlocks the path to getting the Hawkmoon Exotic hand cannon, provided you also finish the Let Loose Thy Talons quest.

The tricky part of As the Crow Flies is knowing where to look. Once you know what you’re doing, actually collecting the feathers is fairly straightforward.

Every feather location for As the Crow Flies in Destiny 2

The Paracausal Feathers for Destiny 2’s As the Crow Lifes quest can be found at the following locations:

  • Immediately outside the Spider’s Lair as you enter Thieves Landing, the feather is on the top of a box to your left.
  • Fast travel to The Sludge and go straight forwards towards a broken down building. The second feather is up on top of a platform on the building.
  • Next travel to The Steppes and climb to the top of the wall to the right of the spawn point for another easy feather.
  • Next, fast travel to the Divalian Mists and head into the entrance to the Blind Well. The next Paracausal Feather is on a ledge to the left of the arched entrance.
  • Finally, fast travel to Archer’s Line, head into the Hive base, and work your way through the catacombs to the Shrine of Oryx. There you’ll find the final feather, although it might take some searching.

Let Loose Thy Talons quest

Once you’ve found every Paracausal Feather scattered across the Destiny 2 map, it’s time to head back to the Crow to receive your next quest: Let Loose Thy Talons.

This short quest involves learning a bit of lore and tackling some light platforming. You’ll be rewarded with a Hawkmoon statue, and you’ll be one step closer to the Hawkmoon Exotic hand cannon.

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