Rocket League is one of the most famous games thanks to its ingenious mash-up of everything boys love in football and Hot Wheels. It wasn’t too long ago that it went free-to-play with a Fortnite crossover, and now people are asking: what time does Rocket League Season 2 start? Here you’ll find the release time for the Season 2 update.

Player anthems will be introduced to the game with the new update, and this is because the upcoming patch is designed to make the game celebrate all things music. Fans can expect a new Pass, a new arena, and new music and content from the supposed hit artist, Kaskade.

While pretending to know who Kaskade is would be a massive fib, below you’ll find the start time for when the Rocket League Season 2 update will come out.

Rocket League Season 2 rewards

The Rocket League Season 2 Pass has 70 tiers of rewards.

When it comes to the Rocket League Season 2 Pass, there is a Premium option available for 1,000 credits which will give you access to all 70 tiers of rewards and weekly challenges.

The Premium Pass is described as follows (via the game’s official website):

“Immediately unlock the all-new R3MX and get additional weekly and season challenges. Plus get access to the pro tiers beyond tier 70.”

In addition to the Premium Pass, there is also a Rocket Pass Bundle for 2,000 credits. Its description says that it will “unlock R3MX plus 12 additional tiers”.

You can find all the tier rewards for Rocket League Season 2 on the game’s website, otherwise you can find the tiers for notable vehicle prizes down below:

  • R3MX – tier 1
  • Spatiotemporal (Universal) – tier 22
  • Rocketeer (Breakout)- tier 28
  • Fat Line (R3MX) – tier 34
  • Veracious (R3MX) – tier 37
  • Monsoon – tier 44
  • Sequin – tier 56
  • Huntress (R3MX) – tier 63
  • R3MX GXT – tier 70

What time does Rocket League Season 2 start?

The release time for when the Rocket League Season 2 update will come out and start is 00:00 GMT on December 9th.

This means that the Rocket League Season 2 update should also come out and start at 16:00 PT and 19:00 ET on December 8th.

As confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account, the above hours pertain to all platforms.

Check out the game’s official Season 2 blog post for more information.