The upcoming Disney+ Ms Marvel series is at the heart of online controversy after rumoured castings came to light on social media.

With a lack of cinema releases in 2020, the focus of Marvel fans has turned to the upcoming slate of MCU TV shows that are due to hit Disney+ over the next few years.

One of the most anticipated shows on the horizon is Ms Marvel which is expected to release in 2021.

However, recent casting rumours that have emerged online have caused a huge amount of controversy among fans and has led the hashtag #FixMsMarvel to trend on Twitter.

But just what is causing the controversy surrounding Ms Marvel?

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Rumoured castings cause controversy

According to Discussing Film, filming on Ms Marvel began in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2020 and since then, a stream of casting rumours about the actors who will appear in the Disney+ series has emerged online.

Newcomer Iman Vellani has already been confirmed by Disney as Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel and fans have long since speculated about who might be joining her in the series.

In December 2020, new casting rumours from Murphy’s Multiverse have hinted that Laith Nakli, Zenobia Shroff and Yasmeen Fletcher could be joining the series as the characters Sheikh Abdullah, Kamala’s mother Muneeba and Kamala’s friend Nakia Bahadir respectively.

On top of that, the Twitter fan account, Ms Marvel News, has also suggested that Andrew Brodeur is rumoured to be appearing.

However, the rumoured castings, in particular of Yasmeen Fletcher and Andrew Brodeur, have caused a huge stir online.

Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia Bahadir

Yasmeen Fletcher of the Disney Channel’s Upside-Down Magic and Andi Mack is rumoured to be playing Nakia Bahadir in Ms Marvel, a close friend of lead character Kamala Khan.

In the Marvel comics, Nakia comes from a Turkish family who are devout Muslims and is always seen wearing a hijab.

The rumoured casting has proven controversial as Yasmeen Fletcher doesn’t match this description according to Ms Marvel News with the Twitter account branding the casting as “inappropriate that a half-white Christian girl was apparently cast as Nakia Bahadir.”

The fan account also made the same point for the actress Zenobia Shroff who “is a non-Muslim Indian” according to the account but is rumoured to be playing Kamala’s Pakistani and Muslim mother.

Andrew Brodeur

Andrew Brodeur’s rumoured casting in Ms Marvel is another huge point of contention among fans and the Ms Marvel News account.

As highlighted by Ms Marvel News, Andrew Brodeur of Tall Girl and Macyver supposedly faces allegations of sexual abuse and Title IX gender discrimination.

As pointed out by The Focus, the claims against Brodeur haven’t been addressed by the actor himself or anyone at Marvel and remain as allegations.

It should be noted that the castings mentioned are rumoured at the time of writing and have not officially be confirmed by Disney or Marvel.

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