Is Morgan Wallen dead? A false rumour is circulating on the internet which claims that country star Morgan Wallen has died.

Morgan Wallen has become the victim of a false social media hoax claiming he is dead.

Social media is a platform that brings users together but it could also become a place of fake news and misinformation. This is seen on a regular basis as many celebrities and online influencers often become the victims of cruel rumours and death hoaxes.

Now, a similar rumour started circulating on Twitter which claimed that Morgan Wallen has died.

Here’s the social media hoax debunked.

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Morgan Wallen’s death hoax debunked

The rumours are false and Morgan Wallen is not dead.

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The fake news was published by news website which claimed that “Country singer Morgan Wallen was found dead”.

The news story is referred to as a prank, however, many fans of the country star were left concerned and devastated over the fake report.

As a result of the death hoax, other websites published false obituaries and fans took to Twitter to share their concerns.

One fan tweeted: “Morgan Wallen better not be dead. 2020 stop playing.”

Another one reacted: “Why’d I just read Morgan Wallen is dead???”

Morgan Wallen shared an Instagram story on Monday

Another proof that Morgan is still alive and healthy is a recent Instagram Story he shared on his profile.

The country star took to the social media platform on Monday afternoon (December 7th) where he said he was busy doing album press. He said:

“It’s Monday afternoon. Doing a bunch of album press. Getting a lot of questions about the new songs so it has kind of fired me up. We have a month until we put the rest of the double album. Hope you guys are excited as I am.”

He added that he “had a blast” to be on Saturday Night Live, saying “it’s fun getting to make fun of yourself”.

Morgan finally made his debut on SNL on December 5th after he was removed from the show’s line-up. He was supposed to appear back in October but that didn’t happen after a video of him partying during the pandemic emerged online.

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Morgan Wallen’s double album

Morgan will release his highly-anticipated Dangerous: The Double Album, on January 8th, 2021.

The album took three years in the making and has been largely written by the country star himself.

Pre-sale of the album started back in November.