Lil Baby has landed himself in hot waters after an adult film star came forward and claimed the rapper had cheated on his girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves.

This is not the first time the rapper has been accused of cheating. Previously, several outlets claimed he had cheated on Jayda in February 2020. The reports stated that Lil Baby had taken another girl on vacation while he was still in a relationship. The pair split for a couple of months but got back together.

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Lil Baby drama explored:

Lil Baby has landed himself in trouble again as cheating allegations came to light. It all started when an adult film star named Ms. London came forward and claimed that the rapper had paid her $16k to get intimate. However, Lil Baby was quick to deny these claims as he alleged the accusations were made to get publicity.

Things got more dramatic when Ms. London shared a screenshot of Lil Baby reaching out to her after her confession. Fans were quick to react to this and could not believe what had happened. “Jayda knows Lil Baby be cheating and not leaving y’all more mad than she is,” one user wrote. “It sounds like Jayda and Lil baby has a business arrangement – relationship and y’all just eat it up like the shit is real,” another speculated.

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“Jayda gone have a new Birkin by tomorrow. If Lil baby says he sorry..he sorry lol,” said another. “I’m so over the Jayda and Lil Baby shit. If she doesn’t care then why do y’all? That’s they version of love,” read another comment.

Who is Jayda Cheaves?

Jayda is an Instagram model and entrepreneur who started her own clothing line. She recently collaborated with Moon X cosmetics and has used her social media platform to sponsor other products. With a social media following of 4.4. million, Jayda has managed to attract a large crowd.

Her high profile life also consists of often traveling around the world. Jayda makes use of her social media to give her followers a view of what her life is like. Right from private planes to different cars, Jayda sure seems to be doing well for herself. She has often shared pictures with Lil Baby as well on her social media. However, she has not broken her silence on the alleged cheating.

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