Who is Kevin Brophy Jr? The Californian tattoo model claims a photo of his back tattoo was used on Cardi B’s Gangsta B***h Music Vol. 1 album cover without his permission.

Recognised by Forbes as one of the most influential female rappers of all time, Cardi B’s career is currently on the up-and-up, with a Grammy Award, eight Billboard Music Awards and five American Music Awards so far.

However, the end of 2020 is shaping to be different for the ‘WAP’ singer. Cardi is reportedly headed to court due to allegations from tattoo model Kevin Brophy Jr, involving the cover of her first album.

So, who is Kevin Brophy Jr? Here are his claims explained.

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Cardi B and Kevin Brophy Jr’s case explained

Tattoo model Kevin Brophy Jr. claims that Cardi B used his likeness without permission on the cover of her first album, Gangsta B***h Music Vol. 1.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin maintains that a photo of his back tattoo appears on the cover in “a misleading, offensive, humiliating and provocatively sexual” context.

He is suing Cardi B for photoshopping his back tattoo, which features a tiger and a snake, onto someone else’s body and using it on her album cover without his permission. In the suit, Kevin also filed for a false light claim, as he believes the image implies he and Cardi B were intimate.

The model featured alongside Cardi B on the album cover is actually an artist called The6atSix.

In his testimony to a judge, graphic artist Timm Gooden, who designed the cover of Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1, claims he searched for “back tattoos” on the internet and used an image he found online for the graphic.

According to the judge, the jury found the changes applied to the cover art to be insufficiently creative in order to be considered an original work.

“Most significantly, defining elements including the tiger and snake remain virtually unchanged,” continues the decision (via THR). “Under these circumstances, a jury will have to decide the merits of Defendants’ defence.”

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Who is Kevin Brophy Jr?

Kevin Brophy Jr. is a tattoo model. He works for a surfing and lifestyle company in Newport Beach, California.

In an interview, Kevin said that, as an employee of a “socially conscious surf and lifestyle” brand, he often has to work with shorts and without a shirt and his friends and clients are aware of his tattoos.

He doesn’t appear to have any public social media channels and there isn’t any other information about him online.

How long has this case been going on for?

TMZ first broke the news about Kevin’s allegations in October 2017.

At the time, the tattoo model claimed he found out about Cardi B’s album cover from a friend.

The publication also reported that Kevin has one son, who has also seen the album cover.

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