Steve Jobs’ youngest daughter Eve Jobs is beginning to make a new in her own right after starring in the Glossier campaign, but what fans really want to know is her 2020 net worth.

Eve Jobs features in the brand’s campaign alongside actress Sydney Sweeney and RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Naomi Smalls.

“Eve Jobs—yes [Apple] Jobs —all grown up and self-shot for Glossier holiday 2020,” posted Emily Weiss, the founder of Glossier.

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Who is Eve Jobs?

Twenty two-year-old Eve Jobs is the youngest daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011. Her mother is billionaire investor Laurene Powell-Jobs, who has two other kids.

Other than Eve Jobs’ net worth, fans are also interested in her personal life. Eve Jobs is an accomplished equestrian and is ranked as the fifth best show jumper under 25. She currently studies at Stanford University where she will graduate in 2021.

On Instagram, the heiress has 159,000 followers under the handle @evecjobs.

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Will she inherit Steve Jobs’ money?

Contrary to popular belief, none of the Jobs’ younger kids, will inherit their family fortune and net worth. Eve Jobs has two full siblings, Reed and Erin Sienna Jobs, and one half sibling, Lisa Jobs. However, Lisa reportedly received a multi-million dollar inheritance.

Speaking to the New York Times, her mother said:

“I inherited my wealth from my husband, who didn’t care about the accumulation of wealth. I am doing this in honour of his work, and I’ve dedicated my life to doing the very best I can to distribute it effectively, in ways that lift up individuals and communities in a sustainable way. I’m not interested in legacy wealth buildings, and my children know that. Steve wasn’t interested in that. If I live long enough, it ends with me.”

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What is Eve Jobs’ 2020 net worth

Although information surrounding Eve Jobs’ net worth is sparse, her dad was worth an estimated $10.2 billion when he died in 2011. Surprisingly, the majority of his wealth derived from his shares in Disney rather than Apple. Most of the money was left to his wife, who went on to invest it.

She might not have inherited her dad’s fortune or be set to get her mum’s either, but she certainly is a bread winner in her own right. Eve Jobs reportedly won $130,000 at the Split Rock Jumping Tour in 2018 and in that August won the $100,000 top price at the Reliable Rentals Grand Prix.

In terms of assets, Eve Jobs’ mother reportedly bought her a $15 million ranch in 2016 in Florida.

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