The word ‘bimbofication’ is circling online and social media users are desperate to know what it means. Twitter users are wanting to know what the trend is and how to get involved, find out here.

Bimbofication has trended on Twitter and most users still have no clue what it means, some of your favourite celebrities have been bimbofied and here’s why.

Read on to find out what the word bimbofication means!

What is the meaning of ‘bimbofication’?

  • Bimbofication is used by social media users to describe when someone becomes more attractive, has a ‘glow up’ or becomes more sexualised.

The word bimbo has often held negative connotations in the past however more recently it has been used across social media platforms as a way of showing the evolution of someone and their ‘glow ups’.

The bimbofication drawing shows an evolution of a person, the meme involves the different stages that people go through and this often receives a lot of attention on social media. Some of the most popular posts have been the evolution of Taylor Swift and Steve Harrington.

Six best Twitter memes!

1. The evolution of Taylor Swift from country singer to female boss

2. People are even doing their own sketches of bimbofication

3. The bimbofication of Steve Harrington

4. We love Frank Iero’s bimbofication

5. This reverse Bimbofication is everything!

6. The Quaker Oats man has had the biggest glow-up of them all!

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