Mario Lopez is starring in a collaboration between KFC and Lifetime – let’s meet the cast of A Recipe for Seduction.

Mario Lopez is certainly a man of many talents as the actor and television presenter is a well-known face on the screen.

Many of his fans are intrigued by his new project, A Recipe for Seduction, a collab between KFC and Lifetime.

Let’s find more about the project and its cast.

Screenshot – KFC and Lifetime’s A RECIPE FOR SEDUCTION Trailer

A Recipe for Seduction: What is it about?

A Recipe for Seduction is an upcoming short film that has been dubbed as a “Lifetime Original Mini-Movie Presented by Kentucky Fried Chicken”. 

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According to its official synopsis, the movie follows a heiress (Justene Alpert) who is torn between a suitor picked by her mother and a handsome chef (played by Mario Lopez) who “arrives with his secret recipe and a dream”.

We will find out whether this is really a movie or just a long commercial when it comes out on Sunday, December 13th at 12 pm.

So, who is in it?

A Recipe For Seduction: Cast

  • Mario Lopez
  • Justene Alpert
  • Tessa Munro
  • Chad Doreck
  • Martin Mandela

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is a television host and actor. He is best-known for his portrayal of A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell and its sequels.

Mario also appeared on the third season of Dancing with the Stars, presented America’s Best Dance Crew for MTV and co-hosted the second season of the American version of The X Factor in 2012.

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Justene Alpert

Justene Alpert is an actress known for her work on the 2018 romantic comedy The Matchmaker’s Playbook and the TV series Bosch.

She also appeared on How I Met Your Mother.

Justene plays the heiress in the KFC and Lifetime mini-movie.

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Tessa Munro

Tessa Munro is an actress and producer who has appeared in SWAT, All my Children, and Passions.

Tessa also had a number of guest appearances on shows like The Young and the Restless (Ms Lahey) and CSI: Miami (a reporter), among others.

The actress has just 561 followers at the time of publication.

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Chad Doreck

Chad Doreck has appeared on series such as Hollywood, General Hospital, NYPD Blue, and Days of Our Lives.

You can follow him from the Instagram handle down below.

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Martin Mandela

Martin Mandela is a comedian from Birmingham, Alabama, where he started doing stand-up shows.

He has appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Coming To The Stage on Amazon Prime, and recently was featured in commercials for Progressive and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Follow him on Instagram under the handle @martinmmorrow.

By Filiz Mustafa – [email protected]

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