The rock band Trapt has caused commotion among fans after a Twitter spree, taking aim at seemingly anything and everything.

The band is known for their songs, Headstrong and Echo, and consists of Chris Taylor Brown, Pete Charell and Brendan Hengle. It’s unclear which member uses the Twitter account, but fans seem to think it’s frontman Chris Taylor Brown.

The band’s latest tweets found Trapt trending on Twitter after a spree which covered topics generally considered taboo by users of the platform. These included age of consent, Donald Trump, election fraud allegations and identity politics.

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Trapt’s Twitter rant

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what triggered the start of Trapt’s Twitter outpour, or what it was ever actually about, but it seemed to have started in response to a screenshot of an old tweet from the band.

Trapt went on to defend their views, and ignited the discussion all over again. One tweet that caused particularly strong outrage among Twitter users was on the topic of age of consent and teacher-student relationships. Yikes!

“Oh I would be giving the kid high fives! Only if the teacher was hot though,” the tweet read.

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Whoever was manning the account went on to explain that the tweet was intended as a joke, but that they do believe a teacher-student relationship is worse if the teacher is a male than a woman.

Trapt then got into a series of lengthy Twitter duels with disagreeing users, at one point tweeting a link to the Van Halen song Hot For Teacher and calling it a “great coming of age song”.

Conversation soon turned to the band’s views on politics, after a tweet about Donald Trump and the election result.

This isn’t their first Twitter rampage

In March of this year, Trapt caused a similar stir on Twitter. Reportedly posting almost 900 times in 48 hours, the tweets took aim at actor Chris Evans, before sharing controversial views on Covid-19, politics and “victim mentalities”.

Between tirades, the Trapt Twitter account regularly focuses on politics and the election, often in support of the Republican party. Other posts include marketing materials and band-related news.

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