In Big Mouth season 4 we are introduced to Natalie, a transgender girl formerly known as Gabe, but what do we know about her and who voices the character?

Big Mouth may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Netflix’s hit animated series has always provided both hilarious and highly-educational stories about puberty, young-adulthood and sexuality.

The latest season of Big Mouth has only just premiered on Netflix, but there is one particular character and character-arc that has fascinated many fans.

Natalie is a transgender girl who was formerly known in the series as Gabe and throughout the season, Big Mouth viewers are educated about some of the challenges that a young transgender girl can experience as a teenager.

Natalie’s transition from Gabe…

According to the Big Mouth fandom, when she first noticed she had feminine qualities, she assumed that “she was gay before officially discovering she was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.”

In ‘The Hugest Period Ever’, Natalie explains how she hated her assigned hormone monster, Gavin, because he kept pushing her to be more manly – something she didn’t want to do.

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She then had her parents get a prescription for hormone blockers to stop Gavin from appearing to her. This allowed her not to be biologically forced into male puberty and could allow her to be Natalie more freely.

Coming out to the boys and girls…

In ‘The New Me’, Natalie was introduced to the boys who were quick to recognise her as ‘Gabe’. She explains to them that she uses the pronouns she/her since coming out, but they aren’t as understanding about the situation as she may hope.

They bombard her with a string of intrusive and personal questions about her transition, which isn’t helped by Harry poorly explaining transgender people to the group.

In ‘Poop Madness’, Natalie and Seth start flirting and even kiss in the woods (after poking a dead bird – not a euphemism). Unfortunately, Seth says that he is embarrassed about telling people about their relationship as Natalie is trans, which leads to her rightly breaking up with him.

Unfortunately, most of the girls are even less understanding, telling her that she wasn’t dressing like a “real girl” and forcing her to have a makeover. Natalie is both embarrassed and uncomfortable around these girls, who continue to dress her in outfits of their choosing.

Thankfully, she finds someone who she can open up to and call a friend in Jessi. In ‘Poop Madness’, the two agree that they will keep in contact through text messages which Natalie says will be once a week, until they phase out to one every six months for the rest of eternity.

Voice of Natalie…

In Big Mouth, Natalie is voiced by Josie Totah, an American actress from Sacramento, California.

The 19-year-old is best known for her roles in Jessie (2013-15), Other People (2016), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Champions (2018).

However, she has also appeared in New Girl (2014), 2 Broke Girls (2014), Glee (2015), Handsome (2017), No Good Nick (2019) and Saved by the Bell (2020).

You can follow her on Instagram @josietotah.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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