Belle Delphine confirmed during the Happy Hour podcast that she has a boyfriend so who is he? Fans think it’s Joshua Gray.

The OnlyFans creator hasn’t confirmed who her boyfriend is but said she has one when asked by presenter JaackMaate.

She also said that the man in her upcoming video is her “partner”, which has unsurprisingly left fans wanting to know more.

Belle Delphine Youtube Channel Video:Meet my best friend

Does Belle Delphine have a boyfriend?

She might historically be coy about revealing her relationship status, but during her appearance on the Happy Hour podcast Belle confirmed that she has a boyfriend.

Although she remains tight-lipped about who he is, she says that they’ve been together for around three years: “He was there before my name was Belle Delphine.”

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She also goes on to confirm that he is the man set to star in her “hardcore” OnlyFans video on Christmas day, but that he will remain anonymous throughout.

Of course this is the internet we’re talking about here and so although she hasn’t confirmed his name as of yet, detectives online have long speculated the boyfriend is a man called Joshua Gray.

Who is Joshua Gray?

Fans have frequently found old and deleted pictures of the couple together, often from old Facebook accounts. In one image she can even be seen sporting a ring on her wedding finger, which led fans to believe Belle was engaged to Joshua. However, there has been no pictures of a ring since.

The alleged relationship between Belle Delphine and Joshua is still only speculation, but official records of her company show a definite link between the two.

Belle’s registered company called Innovative Artists LTD, previously Belle Delphine LTD, previously has Joshua marked as a director with the role of a marketing consultant. It now stated that he resigned from the role.

Belle Delphine’s alleged boyfriend Joshua was born in December of 1993, making him either 26 or 27. Currently, he’s marked as the director of Odyssia LTD, a photographic studio in Brighton. Unsurprisingly, he has no public social media which can be found.

Belle Delphine Youtube Channel Video: Meet my best friend

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