Who is Charlie Blythe? After a TikTok video of their childhood anecdotes went viral, viewers want to know more about their mysterious identity. Here’s all we know.

The TikTok in question here is a duet with a video request for other users to share their “most insane rich person behaviour” story. In the video, Charlie Blythe recounts stories from their own childhood.


#stitch with @missbeifong oh how i miss living in constant fear of being abducted because of my name🙃 #richpeople #richperson #storytime #fyp

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The mysterious TikTok video

In the video Charlie starts off with a couple of mild stories about their privileged childhood, explaining how, for example, they would have to use an intercom system to let their dad know that dinner was ready. Another anecdote claims they never had to go to a grocery store; writing what they wanted on a notepad in the kitchen was enough to make it appear the next day.

However, Charlie Blythe’s anecdotes soon take a turn for the darker. Charlie reveals their mum was “terrified that there would be an inside job and I would be kidnapped”.

Blythe also hints their parents may be somewhat famous, explaining their divorce made the news and adding: “I wasn’t allowed to put my last name on social media because people would track me down and kidnap me.”

Although it’s unconfirmed whether these claims are actually true, it hasn’t stopped viewers from trying to find out who Charlie’s parents may be.

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Guesses range from banking billionaires to sports magnates. Charlie even confirmed in later TikToks that some people had guessed right, after some comments were removed from the original video.

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Who is Charlie Blythe?

Their parents’ identity may be a mystery, but we do know that Charlie Blythe is a musician best-known for a song called Toothache, available on Spotify now.

On TikTok Charlie has 32,000 followers under the handle @iamcharlieblythe and on Instagram they have around 1,8000 with the same handle.

Charlie Blythe is from Boston and in their early 20s.

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