Dr. Luke Martin, a theology professor, recently stood down from his role at Eton College in protest to the school’s “indoctrination” of its students, The Telegraph has reported.

Eton College professor Dr. Luke Martin has made the headlines following the news about his resignation from the boarding school.

Dr. Martin’s resignation comes after his colleague, English teacher Will Knowland, was dismissed due to a lecture on gender roles, The Daily Mail reported.

So, who is Dr. Luke Martin?

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Dr. Luke Martin resigns from role at Eton College

Dr. Martin has resigned from his role at Eton College following the dismissal of his colleague, lecturer Will Knowland.

According to The Telegraph, Dr. Martin sent a letter to the school’s vice provost, Dr Andrew Gailey, in which he accused the school of trying to “indoctrinate” its pupils with a “so-called ‘progressive’ ideology’”. He wrote:

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“There is a growing promotion of a so-called ‘progressive’ ideology, that claims to be inclusive, tolerant, and kind. This ideology is, of course, present in other institutions.

“But what has dawned on me over the last few years is that it is remarkably similar, in a particular respect, to the forms of religious fundamentalism that I’m familiar with: if you disagree with it, you’re excluded; if you think differently, you’re not tolerated; and if you raise objections, you’re mocked or face formal discipline.”

In the letter, Dr. Martin requested Mr Knowland’s reinstatement, and said:

“I made a stand for my freedom to express information but also, and more importantly, for the boys’ freedom to receive it.”

Eton College has said that Mr. Knowland’s dismissal was “not a matter of free speech”.

Who is Dr. Luke Martin?

Dr. Luke Martin is a theology professor and, until his recent resignation, taught Divinity at Eton College.

He served as Master in Charge of Perspectives at Eton, an independent boarding school for boys aged 13-18 located near Windsor in Berkshire.

In the letter, seen by The Telegraph, Dr. Martin wrote that he grew up in rural Northern Ireland and attended a local church there.

Is Dr. Luke Martin on social media?

We weren’t able to find public social media profiles that belong to Dr. Martin.

He might be on Instagram or Twitter, but it’s very likely that those accounts are private, as his name is trending in the mainstream media, as well as on several social media channels.

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