Red Dead Online has been spun off from Red Dead Redemption 2 into a standalone game, and with this change, Rockstar has added the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License.

While envisioned as yet another Rockstar cash cow in the same vein as Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead Online has failed to capture quite such a large and fruitful player base as its car-themed older brother.

With a series of changes in the new update, such as the introduction of a new premium Bounty Hunter License, Rockstar hopes to breathe new life into Red Dead Online.

Rockstar Games

What is the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License in Red Dead Online?

Red Dead Online’s new Prestigious Bounty Hunter License is an upgraded version of the existing Bounty Hunter License, which offers weightier, more challenging, but also more rewarding bounties.

The license also allows the player to gain ten additional levels in the bounty hunting progression system, providing more gameplay and additional goals for players to work towards without running out of game content.

Players with the new license can also hunt brand new Legendary Bounties – rare fugitives that can be claimed for a large amount of cash and experience.

Rockstar Games

How to get the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License

Red Dead Online’s Prestigious Bounty Hunter License must be purchased from a store for fifteen gold bars. After purchasing it, players will be able to access a variety of new bounty hunting missions, accessible through bounty boards scattered throughout the game.

For those looking to climb the Bounty Hunter ranks quickly, the game will offer bonus 2000 Bounty Hunter XP for signing in daily.

This change has been made as part of efforts to incentivise players to return to Red Dead Online – Rockster hopes that the new Bounty Hunter levels will entice lapsed players to see what new content is available in the latest update.

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