Lush UK have come under fire after admitting to Pink News that they donated £3000 to an anti- trans lobbyist group, Woman’s Place UK.

Following the backlash online, the US branch of Lush have spoken out about the situation, stating that “Trans lives matter.”

Lush have since apologised for the situation, which you can read below.

Lush UK donate to anti- trans charity

Lush UK has come under fire after admitting to donating £3000 to Woman’s Place UK, an anti-trans lobbying group.

Following a statement from Lush UK, the US branch of Lush spoke out against their decision to donate to an anti- trans group. They said:

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“While we can’t speak to the funding choices of our UK partners, in North America we partnered with Trans Equality and Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity to raise $450,000 for trans-led organisations in 2018. Trans lives matter.”

Lush UK apologises for anti- trans charity donations

Lush released a statement on November 30th addressing the situation where they said:

“To make our stance clear, we do not believe that Trans rights are a threat to women’s rights. Our belief is that a decent society should be able to structure itself to give rights and protection to all who need it.”

The statement was later updated on December 1st after the company continued to receive backlash. They stated:

“For those of you that have joined this conversation from different places and have been left wondering whether Lush has deliberately funded campaigning against trans rights, we want to assure you that this would never be our intention and we are sincerely sorry that any of our funding has gone towards doing this.”

Lush UK finished by stating that they “apologise unreservedly” and pledged to “strengthen” their “processes against further mistakes.”

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