Apple Music’s 2020 feature has launched but just how can users see their Apple Music Replay 2020 summary? Which songs have you listened to most?

It’s December which means that 2020 is less than one month away from finishing. AT LAST.

To celebrate the end of the longest year in history, music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify are releasing their end-of-year listener summaries, Replay and Wrapped respectively.

But just how can Apple Music users find and see their Replay 2020 summary?

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Apple Music Replay 2020

Like Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay 2020 launched properly on December 2nd after the Replay 2020 playlists were made available earlier in the year.

The annual feature gives fans the ability to see their most-listened-to songs, albums and artists of that past year as well as seeing how much time they’ve spent playing music on the app.

The Replay feature was launched in November 2019 to combat Spotify and its long-running Wrapped feature.

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How to see your Apple Music Replay

To see your 2020 Apple Music Replay, you’ll need to follow these fairly simple steps:

On top of that, Apple Music also offers a Replay 2020 playlist which features your top 100 songs from the past year which has been available since April.

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Apple Music Replay 2020 is available now at

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