What does #662# do? Let’s get the number explained. How does it work? Here is everything you need to know about it.

What would we do without our smartphones?

Sure, we’d get by, but the devices have proven somewhat essential over the years. We use them for music, videos, directions, fitness… you name it.

They have offered a wealth of uses, and most importantly of all, they help keep us connected.

However, sometimes you may find that they keep you connected with somebody you don’t know – we’ve all had spam calls, right?

Although they’re nothing new, they never stop being irritating and it can often be difficult to determine an important call or a spam call before actually answering the phone.

So, it’s no surprise to see that many are curious about dialling #662#. What exactly does it do?

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What does #662# do?

  • For those with T-Mobile, dialling the number enables a service which aims to prevent you from receiving spam calls.

Mecedorama highlights that the number has been launched as part of a campaign to target spam callers, as many people in the US fall prey to such calls each year.

If you are with the network, then you enable the blocking service by dialling the number. Once the service is activated, T-Mobile notifies you if the number which is trying to contact you falls under spam.

The the service also has Scam Shield [see below tweet].

How does the T-Mobile service work?

Essentially, T-Mobile’s technology is able to recognise if the number attempting to call you is from a scam organisation or so forth.

Once the number has been quickly analyzed, you receive an alert from the network regarding the nature of the number and you can then decide whether to accept or decline the call.

On the other hand, the previous source acknowledges that users may also choose a service which blocks the calls outright. This means that you don’t have to decide whether a spam call should be answered or not. It will simply be blocked automatically.

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