December 1st marks the start of advent 2020 and after a long year, it appears people are more ready than every for the Christmas season to begin.

Advent is the countdown to Christmas day, and people celebrate with Church services, but others may choose to go with an advent calendar.

With just 25 days to go until Christmas day, and only 24 until Christmas eve, people have taken to Twitter to share their excitement.

When is advent 2020?

December 1st marks the beginning of advent for this year, which is the lead up to Christmas day on the 25th December.

Advent is the four weeks before Christmas and means “coming” in Latin.

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Advent calendars are used by people all across the nation, with the purpose that each day you open a door or box, marking one day closer to Christmas day.

Best Advent memes

Of course, like with any occasion, people have taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the start os advent.

This year, no one held back on the Christmas inspired memes, and many of them show just how festive everyone is feeling now the Christmas season is officially here.

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