Addison Rae and Bryce Hall have finally confirmed their relationship, but who was her ex-boyfriend before fame?

After years of speculation, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall have finally announced that they’re officially dating! They did a romantic photoshoot and posted the photos to Instagram, and they look totally in love.

Now it’s got fans talking about Addison’s dating history and former relationships, and fans think she had one ex-boyfriend before she became TikTok-famous.

Let’s explore the rumours.

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Who was Addison Rae’s ex before fame?

Online rumours say that Addison Rae has got one ex-boyfriend from before she became famous, and images of him and Addison together are circling the internet.

It’s unknown who this person is, and Addison has never revealed his name, but the pair are said to have dated for five years before separating just as Addison’s TikTok began to grow.

According to fans, Addison once said that her ex was ‘toxic’ and didn’t treat her right.

Addison opened up about an ex in her podcast

In the Podcast Mama Knows Best that she has with her mother Sheri, Addison once opened up about an ex-boyfriend, and many fans assume she was talking about the same one that she allegedly had for five years.

Whilst speaking to her mother on the podcast, Addison revealed that there’s only one person in her life that she considered an ‘ex’. Her mother then asked if they stay in touch and Addison described them as “acquaintances”.

“I’m not on this level where I’m talking to him every day and asking him advice. That’s not his role in my life anymore,” she said.

Then, she spoke about dating in the future and said: “So if I date someone, oh well then… I mean, he’s asked me about it before and he’ll be like ‘so, you dating?’ I’d be like, ‘kinda, maybe’ And he’s like, ‘Alright, awesome’.”

Whilst she could have been talking about her ex before fame, many also thought she could have been referring to Bryce Hall who she wasn’t dating at the time.

“Mama Knows Best” Podcast on Spotify

Addison is now dating Bryce Hall

Over the past year, speculation has flooded social media that Addison Rae and fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall were dating. However, they never actually confirmed that they were in a relationship.

Then, it all went quiet on social media and it seemed as though the pair had broken up for good.

In October 2020, dating speculation started again after the pair were spotted out together multiple times, and they even started posting TikTok’s together again.

Then in November they finally confirmed that they were dating in a YouTube video titled: “The Truth About Us.” The pair answered loads of questions about their relationship and said that their official anniversary date is October 13th.

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