Trump sat at a tiny desk to give his Thanksgiving speech and people have been reacting to it on Twitter – here are 17 of the most hilarious memes.

As the President took part in a Thanksgiving Press conference at the White House on Thursday, people struggled to listen to what he was saying because they were too concerned about one thing – his tiny table.

Whilst he spoke, Trump sat behind a bizarrely small desk in the middle of an empty room, and it caught the attention of viewers. It’s the type of table they’d usually use for the quick signing of documents, definitely not a full press conference.

People have been reacting to the hilariously small child-like desk on Twitter, and Donald Trump has been ‘memed’ yet again – here are some of the most hilarious reactions.

Photo by Erin Schaff – Pool/Getty Images

17 best Trump tiny desk memes

Trump reminded a lot of Twitter users of Buddy the Elf.

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The fly on Mike Pence’s head was Trump at his tiny desk!

How big was Trump’s desk exactly?

He looked like he was sitting at a child’s table.

His knees should have been up to his shoulders.

Trump leaving the press conference in his tiny car.

Lots of people made jokes that he was doing an NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

Look at Trump sitting with his dollies.

Here’s another hilarious child’s table meme.

Trump’s in a Barbie house!

His desk was so small it was barely visible.

He finally got an NPR feature.

Trump got nicknamed #DiaperDon after he looked like he was wearing a nappy.

Live footage of Trump leaving his tiny desk press conference.

These tiny desk memes just keep getting better and better.

The work the President did at his tiny desk.

Did anyone notice the undecorated Christmas tree?

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