Bunny the dog is amazing millions of people and slowly becoming a TikTok star. The whole world is obsessed with the genius pet!

This pandemic has made us all stay home for longer than we ever did before, which led people to spend more time with their flatmates, whether they are family, friends or pets.

Devoting time to a dog can do wonders to its behaviour; the more you interact with it, the more you’ll see the pet turning into a human-like creature and becoming your best friend.

Bunny the dog is the evidence of this theory on TikTok, a pet which is going viral across all social media and here’s why!

Who is Bunny the dog on TikTok?

Bunny the dog, is a “talking” dog on TikTok that has caused a sensation.

The TikTok account of Bunny “@what_about_bunny” has over 5.4 million followers and each video of the dog “talking” on the page has at least a million views.

The account is handled by Alexis Devine, the owner of Bunny and the one teaching Bunny the human language with a button carpet.

What differentiates Bunny from most dogs is the fact that she raises a paw, presses buttons and forms sentences that actually make sense.

Bunny’s owner has made clear that the sentences don’t always make sense. However, in every video, improvement is evident and Bunny has inspired some serious research and is seemingly “pushing scientists’ buttons.”

Bunny and her owner have been featured in People Magazine and the Good Morning America show.

Twitter reacts to Bunny the dog

Bunny has sparked the interest of many Twitter users, who can’t get over the genius pet, its button carpet and the sentences it forms.

People on Twitter are jokingly suggesting that she shouldn’t bother learning the human language as it is more enjoyable being a dog than a human.

Here are some hilarious tweets about Bunny the talking dog.

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