Virgin River season 2 has cascaded onto Netflix but where was the romantic drama filmed? Are Virgin River’s filming locations real?

Based on the Robyn Carr best-selling novels of the same name, Netflix’s Virgin River was a huge hit when season 1 arrived in December 2019.

Now, a year later, season 2 of the romantic drama has arrived and is leaving fans mesmerised at the stunning locations on show that are just calling out to be explored.

But just where was Virgin River season 2 filmed and is the town of Virgin River a real place?

Virgin River season 2 on Netflix

Virgin River season 2 arrived on Netflix on November 27th, 2020.

The new season continues the story of Mel Monroe and follows her life in the remote Californian town of Virgin River.

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Mel came to Virgin River from LA after the tragic death of her husband and in season 2 has the chance at finding love again.


Where is Virgin River set?

Virgin River is set in and around the rural Californian town of the same name.

However, as some California residents will already know, Virgin River isn’t a real place and is actually a fictional creation for the Robyn Carr books that serve as the inspiration for the Netflix series.

As a result, a whole swathe of filming locations were used to bring Virgin River to life but where were they?


Where was Virgin River season 2 filmed?

  • Virgin River is filmed primarily in and around Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

Despite being set in a remote area of California, Virgin River was actually filmed north of the border in Canada.

Vancouver played host to interior studio shooting while many of the gorgeous outdoors locations are located in the rural areas outside of the city.

Mel’s cosy cabin is actually the caretaker’s house in Vancouver’s Murdo Frazer Park and can be visited by members of the public (pandemic permitting) and also plays host to a golf course.

The doctor’s surgery where Mel works is also a real location in Vancouver and is located at 122 First Street in New Westminster.

Meanwhile, Jack’s bar is actually the Watershed Grill in Branckendale by the Squamish River, located to the north of Vancouver, which is where fans can also find Shannon Falls, another location used in the series.

And finally, some filming also took place in Burnaby to the east of Vancouver city centre.

Virgin River season 2 is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on November 27th, 2020.

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