Most shops might be shut, but the Black Friday sales online remain huge this year. The sales of Pretty Little Thing are being adored as much as questioned.

Black Friday marks the day that people are likely to shop all day long; for 24 hours they can buy anything in mind-blowing prices.

Under a pandemic, where most stores are shut, online companies have decided to go wild on sales.

Pretty Little Thing, also known as PLT, is a UK-based online fashion retailer. The fashion company is known for its range of clothes and low prices, but this Black Friday they have surpassed every expectation, turning Black Friday into “Pink Friday.”

PLT Black Friday sales

At midnight, Pretty Little Thing decided to drop the prices by 99% on many items for 24 hours, which means that people could get a coat worth £70 for only £0.07 before it sold out.

PLT Black Friday sales took people by surprise and most things were sold out very quickly after the release. Many people were disappointed and furious that almost everything sold out in minutes.

People took over Twitter to share their frustration. One wrote “PLT being 99% off everything rn and everything sold out is mad annoying”, while another one tweeted “did you miss the PLT Black Friday sales or are you happy.”

PLT Black Friday sales backlash

As much as many were happy with PLT breaking the record in sales, fast fashion critics were quick to point out how unsustainable this major Black Friday sale of Pretty Little Thing is.

PLT, along with other fast fashion companies, has received backlash numerous times for the prices and the countless products it offers.

This Black Friday, environmentally conscious people have commented on how unsustainable they think this PLT sale is: “Pretty Little Thing? This is anything but pretty.”

People are wondering who made these clothes and how much does the company pay them if they sell items for £0,04.

Many are also commenting on how the materials PLT uses for most products aren’t eco-friendly but are rather polluting the planet and feeding into the climate crisis.

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