Animal Crossing’s Winter Update has added Puppy Plushies, and the internet is obsessed with these tiny barking toys. Ostensibly a piece of furniture added for Toy Day, these puppies are already appearing in some players’ games ahead of the big Christmas event.

Toy Day takes place on December 24, as a parallel to the traditional winter holiday, and involves the player delivering gifts to island residents. In preparation for the big day, December offers up a lot of new items including Dinosaur Toys, Dollhouses, and Tin Robots.

While these items aren’t supposed to be available until December 1, some players have reported Toy Day furniture, including Puppy Plushies, appearing in-game early. Others have accessed them in advance through hacking.

How to get Puppy Plushies in Animal Crossing

Puppy Plushies can be bought in Animal Crossing from Tom Nook’s upgraded store during the month of December. They can’t be crafted from recipes, so the only way to get hold of them is to either purchase them or trade with friends.

There are nine different Puppy Plushies in the game, but they are identical apart from their colour. Each one yaps and moves as if it is alive, but this is a furniture item which can be placed wherever the player wants, and it will remain in place.

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Puppy Plushies are only one of the new items that have been added to the game for the festive season.

All Christmas Toy Day furniture items

In addition to Puppy Plushies, Animal Crossing players can also collect other toy-themed furniture for Toy Day. These are the Dinosaur Toy, Dollhouse, Kids’ Tent, Mini Circuit, Pop-Up Book, RC Helicopter, and Tin Robot.

It’s also possible to obtain a Set of Stockings to hang atop a fireplace for the full festive decoration experience.

All of these furniture items come in several different colours, giving Animal Crossing fans something to collect and trade with friends.