Fans of Harry Styles have been in an uproar on Twitter today, accusing Styles’ manager, Jeff Azoff, of policing the singer’s image and interactions with fans. We take a look at what sparked this controversy and answer the main question on a lot of people’s minds: who is Jeff Azoff?

Who is Jeff Azoff?

Jeff Azoff, 34, has been the manager of pop singer Harry Styles since 2016. The pair are reported to be close friends.

Talking about managing Harry Styles, Azoff has stated repeatedly that, “most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work” and that Harry has “so many ideas and he’s the type of artist who knows exactly who he is.”

Azoff goes on to say that he and the team “just give [Harry] the tools. We do our best to take it from there.”

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Azoff is a partner of Full Stop Management. In 2017 Full Stop merged with The Creed Co, run by Brandon Creed.

Jeff is married to Glenne Christiaansen, who was previously the head of music partnerships at Snapchat and now works with Apple Music’s artist relations.

Notably, Jeff’s dad is music entertainment executive Irving Azoff, who was named Billboard’s most powerful person in the music industry in 2012. He was still at number four on the list in 2019.

Jeff Azoff talks of gaining industry experience from a young age: “When the guy who coaches your soccer games is always on the phone making deals in the music business, you have the ability at a young age to sound like you know what you’re talking about, even if you might not.”

Irving is the CEO and chairman of Azoff MSG Entertainment, having worked his way up through management, to label boss and then chair. He was also the chair of Ticketmaster and Live Nation in the past.

Jeff’s Instagram is very sparse, but he has recently shared this picture of the Full Stop Management HQ.

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What is the controversy between Harry Styles and Jeff Azoff?

The Jeff Azoff controversy started, like most things do these days, on Twitter, when a number of Harry Styles fans had a bone to pick with the singer’s manager.

Styles has just been nominated for three Grammys – his first time ever being nominated for the prestigious award. The nominations include, Best Pop Solo Performance (for Watermelon Sugar), Best Vocal Pop Album (for Fine Line) and Best Music Video (for Adore You).

Fans are upset that Harry did not reach out to thank his fans for their continued support and some are blaming Jeff Azoff for this.

Some have also claimed that Styles doesn’t interact with them at all, and accused Jeff Azoff of marketing Styles as untouchable.

This controversy seems to have really split the Harry Styles fandom down the middle.

Some fans even thought this whole controversy was about billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

However, it is only speculation that Jeff Azoff has anything to do with Styles’ social media habits.

Styles posted in September about rescheduling some concerts and said that he couldn’t wait to see all his fans in concert soon.

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