Who is Druski? He’s been going viral for his activity on Instagram, but fans want to know more about the internet’s favourite comedian.

Recently, Druski has been sending both Instagram ad Twitter into overdrive with his hilarious Instagram Lives. He regularly invites fans to join the talent show-style Lives and calls it ‘CouldaBeen Records’, which unsurprisingly results in some strange yet iconic content.

Racking up thousands of retweets and likes, screen recordings of the live session have fans cracking up and just yesterday we saw him imitating British accents, hanging up on fans and  asking people to rap for him.

But behind the Instagram Lives, who is Druski?

Born Drew Desbordes, Druski is an Instagram comedian. He often performs sketches with characters he creates including a soccer mom, unprofessional lawyer and a redneck. His most popular character however is Kyle Rogger, a stereotypical ‘frat bro’.

Druski is 26 years old and reportedly stands at 6”2. He first went viral on Instagram in 2017, with a skit of him counting one dollar bills, now he has around 1.1m followers on Instagram under the handle @druski2funny. However he also has 500k followers on Twitter and 50k on YouTube.

He’s not as much of a regular on YouTube, with only a few videos uploaded, but he creates a series on it which is a mix between a vlog and a comedy show with his friends.

If you’re unsure on who Druski is or where you know him from, you might recognise him from his viral awkward interview with singer Mario Judah. The interview led rans to rush to provide theories on Mario Judah’s behaviour, including believing he’s part of the illuminati.

His celebrity friends

Since gaining popularity online, Druski can now count a long list of celebrities as his pals. He was in Drake’s Laugh Now Cry Later music video, Lil Yachty’s Oprah’s Bank Account and Jack Harlow’s Tyler Hero.

Odell Beckham Jr. was such a fan of him in fact, that he reportedly invited Druski to stay with his in his Los Angeles home during offseason. He accepted, of course.

Quavo from Migos publicly complimented the comedian too, saying:

“North said [Atlanta] boys are built with a different hunger. Being surrounded by so many different cultures helped us learn different accents early which allowed us to be adaptable and fit in in different cities around the world. I’m proud we could open doors for the North to be heard and I’m most definitely proud of Druski and everything he’s accomplishing.

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