Did Nessa Barrett just come out as bisexual? Support floods Twitter after TikTok comment!

Ellissa Bain

Fans are sending Nessa Barrett loads of love and support following a comment she made on one of her TikTok videos. Did she just come out as bisexual?

TikTok star Nessa Barrett started dating Josh Richards in October 2019, and fans shipped the pair. However, they called it quits in June 2020 and stayed friends. There was no bad blood between the pair, and Josh said in a YouTube video: “There comes a point in relationships where you realise maybe it isn’t best to be together.”

Nessa hasn’t been romantically linked with anyone else since her split with Josh. However, she’s just made a pretty big announcement about her sexuality on TikTok. Is Nessa Barrett bisexual?

Nessa Barrett posts ‘coming out’ comment on TikTok

Nessa Barrett took to TikTok on Tuesday (November 24th) to post a seemingly normal video, filming herself singing in the mirror. The caption said “mhm yes” and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

However, not long after she posted the TikTok, Nessa then wrote a comment underneath the video. She said:

“Yes this is me coming out as bi lol yup scary.”

Fans have been going crazy over the comment. Did Nessa Barrett just come out as bisexual?

Did Nessa just come out as bisexual?

Many fans have replied to Nessa’s TikTok comment, sending her messages of love and support following her ‘coming out’ announcement.

Nessa Barrett has not made an announcement on any of her other social media platforms, and the TikTok comment is the only ‘coming out’ post she’s currently made.

The comment seems to be Nessa’s way of ‘coming out’ without making a big deal of it.

Twitter users support Nessa

Following the ‘coming out’ post, many fans have taken to Twitter to support the TikTok star.

One Twitter user said: “I just wanna say congrats to @nessaabarrett for coming out as bi. for the people who don’t support her or don’t like her why do u wasting your time commenting mean things on her posts? But if nessa does ever see this I want you to know there are a ton of people who support u.”

“Why is no one talking about the fact @nessaabarrett said she’s bi omg I’m so happy for her lol she’s so cute ily Ness,” said another.

Others have suggested that Nessa was forced to admit her sexuality after fans started speculating online.

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