Megan Thee Stallion just released her brand new track Body and the music video has inspired a viral dance – here’s the #BodyOdyChallenge explained!

Remember when WAP was released and EVERYBODY was attempting to do that crazy dance on social media? Well, it’s happening again. Megan Thee Stallion just released a new single, and everyone’s copying the dance routine from the music video on TikTok.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Megan Thee Stallion #BodyOdyChallenge.

Megan Thee Stallion releases new track ‘Body’

After the huge success of WAP with Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion is back with a brand new track called Body. It’s part of her album Good News which was just released on November 20th 2020.

Megan performed the track live on stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday and it instantly became a hit amongst fans.

The song is all about body positivity, and it even makes a nod towards Tiger King star Carol Baskin after her song Savage went viral earlier this year in relation to the Netflix docuseries.

The #BodyOdyChallenge goes viral

Since the track was released, a new challenge has been going viral on social media that sees people copying the dance that Megan Thee Stallion does in the music video.

It’s pretty similar to the WAP challenge that went viral after Megan and Cardi B released their track earlier this year, but the dance is a lot easier and less strenuous than that one.

The hashtag #BodyOdyChallenge has already had 16.5 million views on TikTok and Megan even posted a video to her own TikTok profile @theestallion of herself doing the challenge.

To take part in the challenge all you have to do is copy the dance and upload your video to TikTok, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #BodyChallenge and #BodyOdyChallenge.

Watch some of the best #BodyOdyChallenge videos


@theestallion got me doing the #bodyodychallenge everywhere 😩😩😩🔥😂😂 #fypシ #fyp #viral #xyzbca #like #dance

♬ original sound – Kai Jmarii

Skinny Legend & V3gan B00ty at it againnnn 🤪 #BODYODYCHALLENGE 🍒🍑💦 @theestallion #fyp #fypシ #ceraadi

♬ Body – Megan Thee Stallion

#BodyOdyChallenge w/ @joieinlife QueenFu 🔥 @theestallion @jaquelknight mssjb #ForYou #ForYouPage #fyp

♬ original sound – callherhelen

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