Jacob Sartorius started trending on Twitter today and everyone is a little confused as to why. Let’s explore the Twitter storm.

If you’ve been on Twitter over the past few hours, you’ve probably seen the name Jacob Sartorius being thrown around a lot. The social media star and singer is the subject of a huge Twitter storm, and no one really knows why.

Some say it’s because a group of fans tweeted his name over and over again, others put it down to his bizarre stoner tweet, some people forgot he existed and others just want a FaceTime from him.

Either way, he’s going viral online. Let’s explore exactly what’s happening.

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Who is Jacob Sartorius?

Jacob Sartorius is an American singer and media personality who rose to fame via social media after posting content on Vine, Musical.ly and TikTok.

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The 18-year-old from Oklahoma released his debut single Sweatshirt in 2016 and then released an extended play EP in 2017, also having his debut concert tour in the same year.

He also released music in 2018 and 2019, but all of them failed to make any chart impact worldwide.

Jacob has 23.8 million followers on TikTok and posts on there regularly.

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Jacob Sartorius posts some late-night tweets

On Tuesday evening (November 24th), Jacob took to Twitter to post a series of bizarre tweets that have had the whole internet talking.

First, he simply wrote “Jacob Stonertorius”, raising suspicions across internet users that he had been smoking marijuana and appeared to be ‘stoned’.

Then, he said “wyd rn” to his followers.

Finally, he said: “Yo if I facetime one of u will u promise to not give out my number?”

Seeing as he’s a big social media star, it would be pretty stupid of Jacob to give out his number to a fan and expect them not to leak it online.

Jacob Sartorius trends on Twitter

Following the tweets, Jacob Sartorius starting trending on Twitter, starting an internet storm as thousands of people began tweeting about the young social media star.

A lot of Twitter users began claiming that they had ‘forgotten’ that Jacob Sartorius even existed, and had only been reminded when they saw his name trending.


Others were simply spamming Jacob with replied to his FaceTime tweet, saying things like “please FaceTime me” and “I’ve been a fan since forever”.

Some people started reacting to the stoner tweet, and there was a lot of confusion over it.

“I’m sorry, since when did Jacob Sartorius become a stoner lmaooo,” said one Twitter user.

Another person said: “JACOB SARTORIUS IS 18? AND A STONER? Wait a minute.”

According to Twitter users, Jacob Sartorius originally started trending because a group of fans tweeted his name loads of times in a short space of time.

Now, the whole internet has started tweeting about the young singer, and his name is in the middle of a Twitter storm.

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