Fans are speculating that James Charles and Larray are dating, but why? Let’s explore the rumours.

Everyone knows that James Charles and Larray are really good friends. They’ve filmed loads of videos together and they’re always hanging out. But now, fans think they might be more than just pals and speculation that the pair are dating is spreading on social media.

So where did the rumours begin? It all started with a TikTok video…

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James Charles and Larry film TikTok relationship challenge together

On Tuesday (November 24th), James Charles and Larray filmed a TikTok video together for Larray’s profile, both wearing Larray’s new ‘girlies’ merch.

In the video, they complete a challenge that is designed for couples, answering various ‘Mr and Mrs’ style questions about their relationship such as who was interested first, who is more needy and who apologises first.

At the start, you see TikTok star Noah Beck appear, then the sound says “this one is for couples only” and he disappears, leaving only James and Larray in shot.

James and Larray then make a heart symbol to eachother, suggesting that the pair are a couple.

The video instantly sparked dating rumours as people speculated that James and Larray are in a relationship.


girlies pastel collection out now 🙂 link in bio!!

♬ couples edition – nathan and grace

Fans were very confused

After the video was posted, fans were extremely confused and took to the comments section of the video to try and get some answers.

One person said “who else is confused” whilst another said, “wait I missed a lot”. People were joking that they “missed a whole season” of their lives and couldn’t believe that the pair could be dating.

Was the video a relationship reveal? Or was it just a joke?

The dating speculation debunked

After much speculation, fans have concluded that the video was a joke and the pair are not dating.

Larray is still dating his boyfriend Brady Potter who he’s been with since April 2019, and the pair are totally adorable.

Sorry James and Larray shippers, they’re just friends!

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