Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Gabby Agbonlahor told The Football Show on Sky Sports (24/11/20 at 10:45 pm) that Liverpool midfielder James Milner wanted training to be ‘longer’ when he was at Aston Villa.

The former striker, who played with the ‘model professional’ in B6, stated that he isn’t surprised Milner is still churning out performances in the Premier League.

Over the weekend, Milner made his first league start for Liverpool at right-back and he excelled in that position.

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Agbonlahor shared a brilliant story about Milner during his time at Villa Park and how he is simply someone who just wants to ‘train more’.

“Not at all [surprised Milner’s putting in these strong performances at his age],” said Agbonlahor. “He’s been the model professional.

“Even at Aston Villa. There was a funny story where we were training under Martin O’Neil and training wasn’t very long and we had a meeting on one of the days. James Milne was the one that put his hand up and said ‘training needs to be longer’.

“The rest of the team weren’t happy because they enjoyed being home for 1 pm. But that’s James Milner, he wants to train hard. He wants to train more and that’s the reason he’s still playing football at his age.”

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

During Milner’s days at Villa, they were pushing Liverpool for the Champions League places, with the media then on a high about the so-called ‘top four’, which has now turned into the ‘top six’.

Nonetheless, Villa had a very strong squad at their disposal and Milner was one of Martin O’Neil’s key players as they competed in Europe.

But those in the West Midlands won’t be surprised to see where Milner is at given the performances and attitude he used to show for them during his days as a goalscoring midfielder.

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