YouTuber Belle Delphine was banned from YouTube without any warning from the platform and even the star herself was confused as to why that was the case. So what did the GamerGirl do that has terminated her two million subscriber channel?

It is known that if creators violate YouTube guidelines, then their channel gets deleted after 3 strikes. But for Belle Delphine, this was not the case.

Her channel was terminated with no warning but has since been reinstated, Belle confirmed on November 24th.

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Who is Belle Delphine?

The 21 year old is known for her explicit content on social media, most notably on her now banned Instagram. Real name Mary-Belle Kirschner, she was born in South Africa but now lives in London.

Her risqué photos normally show Belle dressed in skimpy cosplay, while modelling in lewd poses. At the time of her Instagram ban, she had a huge 4.5 million following.

She became widely popular on social media after her GamerGirl Bath Water stunt, where she sold her own used bath water on her mech store in July 2019 – each jar cost £24. She claimed that the idea came from her followers saying that they would drink her bath water.

The internet loves to troll so unsurprisingly, her bath water sold out in three days.

Why was Belle Delphine banned from YouTube?

On 23rd November, Belle’s 1.79 million subscriber channel was terminated with no warning or notice. It has sparked some conversation in the YouTube world, as many videos have rolled out discussing the sudden ban.

Belle’s channel was terminated for violating YouTube’s policy on sexual content. If you search for the channel, it will say: “this account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content”.

YouTube are facing backlash online for not warning the creator and many are complaining that it is unfair as there are many videos already on YouTube that contain nudity or explicit content, but are not banned.

Belle herself highlighted on Twitter that suggestive videos like Cardi B’s WAP were allowed by the platform and even trended worldwide.

However, many are unsurprised that she is banned due to the nature of her content, such as her music video ‘I’m Back’, in June 2020.

Belle Delphine’s YouTube channel has been reinstated

Belle’s YouTube channel has been reinstated now. It is not the first time that YouTube has wrongly terminated huge creators such as beauty guru James Charles.

YouTube did reply to Belle’s tweet and they have resolved the situation in a short time.

Belle took to her Twitter to share the update with her followers.

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