Twitter users have been reacting to a hilarious line in Boris Johnson’s speech last night – here are 17 of the best “tis the season to be jolly careful” memes.

Boris Johnson addressed the nation last night to outline the government’s plans for when the UK exits its second lockdown on December 2nd. He told the country that the tier system would be re-introduced, but this time it appears to be much tougher in order to curb the spread of the virus over the winter months.

However, Brits’ Christmas plans remain in limbo as the Prime Minister failed to mention exactly what people will and will not be able to do over the festive period.

What he did say though, is that we must be very careful over Christmas, and he used a hilarious reference from the famous Christmas carol Deck The Halls, to tell the nation: “Tis the season to be jolly, but tis also the season to be jolly careful.”

The quote has had internet users in stitches, and people have been reacting with memes on Twitter – here are some of the best.

17 “tis the season to be jolly careful” memes

Boris’ ghost writers must’ve been pretty pleased with themselves.

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Did he really just say that?

Everybody was screaming at their TV Gordon Ramsay style.

Scientists when they heard that speech…

That’s enough metaphors from the Prime Minister thank you.

Perhaps he should have been a little more serious considering we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

One word. CRINGE.

All of our barely existent Christmas spirit is now well and truly gone.

This was everybody’s face when he said it…

Eyes rolled so hard it hurt.

I bet Boris was very smug about the line.

We wanted to smash up the TV when he said it.

Some people think Boris’ public speaking is questionable.

It was a little painful to listen to, but pretty hilarious at the same time.

Who wrote these catchphrases?

This meme can be applied to every situation.

Next think you know it’ll be on a Christmas jumper.

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