Is the Jason Ellis Show cancelled? The radio host has shocked fans on social media, so let’s get the situation explored. Have he and Mike Tully been fired?

Those who have listened to a radio show consistently over the years will argue that the host becomes somewhat of a friend the more you listen.

Their presence is familiar, friendly, and perhaps more importantly, reliable.

For some fans of The Jason Ellis Show, the 49-year-old Australian radio personality has been a comfort for fifteen years.

The show – on Sirius XM Faction Talk 103 and Sirius XM Internet Radio Nonstop xL 791 – goes all the way back to May 2005, when it began on Faction.

Over the years, he has welcomed a wealth of guests, from Thomas Haden Church to Kevin Smith.

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However, fans are concerned that 2020 may signal the end of an era. Has the show been cancelled?

Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Is the Jason Ellis Show cancelled?

  • On Tuesday, November 24th 2020, Jason Ellis confirmed on Twitter and Instagram that he had been fired.

The original post reads: “Wow! I just got fired. This is unbelievable.”

In a follow-up post, he elaborated on the situation: “I still can’t believe it. 15 years just like that out the door like nothing. Like it didn’t even happen! Still alive families good I’ll live.”

Although he doesn’t explicitly say that he’s been fired by Sirius XM Holdings Inc., the “15 years” detail suggests that this is the case.

So, judging from Jason’s posts, curtains have fallen on The Jason Ellis Show.

He hasn’t followed up the tweets or posts to explain the reason. However, the previous posts suggest that he may not be certain of the reasons himself.

Nevertheless, it’s likely that he’ll update fans on social media, so be sure to follow him on either Instagram or Twitter.

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What about Mike Tully?

Some of the show’s fans have asked whether the tweets are a joke.

However, co-host Mike Tully confirmed on Twitter that he had been fired too.

He addressed suspicions in a follow-up tweet: “I do not blame anyone for thinking this is a joke. We deserve that. But we did not die and get fired – just plain old fired. Will follow up when/if there is more to say, but for now that’s the whole story.”

Fans react on Twitter

Needless to say, devoted fans of the show are less than thrilled with the decision and have flocked to Twitter to voice their thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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