What time is Boris Johnson speaking today? The PM is expected to update the nation regarding Christmas and COVID-19 restrictions.

After recently being placed back into lockdown, there are increasing concerns regarding what a Christmas plagued by COVID-19 will look like.

The lockdown is currently set to end on Wednesday, December 2nd 2020 and Boris Johnson will announce details of the “COVID-19 winter plan” to the House of Commons on Monday, November 23rd 2020.

It’s anticipated that this plan will address how the UK will return to a three-tier system from December 2nd and how families will be able to celebrate the festive period.

After the plan is established in the House of Commons, Boris will speak with the press.

So, when can we expect to tune in?

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What time is Boris Johnson speaking today?

  • While a time hasn’t been confirmed, announcements have regularly been made in the House of Commons, which opens at 2.30 pm on Mondays. Press briefings tend to follow at around 5 pm from Downing Street.

As for determining which tiers certain parts of the country will be placed in, an announcement is expected on Thursday, November 26th 2020.

Cambridge News notes that the PM is expected to announce that non-essential shops can reopen from Wednesday, December 2nd. It’s also anticipated that pubs and restaurants could face more restrictions.

Returning to three-tier restrictions

Many are expecting stricter guidelines once we transition out of lockdown and into three-tier restrictions.

It is understood that the PM will announce that all non-essential shops can open in all three tiers following the end of the lockdown.

However, it’s pubs and restaurants that look set to confront stricter measures. Although, the 10 pm curfew which was in place during the last three-tier lockdown is likely to be extended until 11 pm. Last orders will be called at 10 pm but then customers will be given time to finish their food and drink before leaving the premises.

The public hopes all will become clear after announcements made today and Thursday.

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