NBA Big B was reportedly shot on November 21st in Baton Rouge and, as we’re still finding out what exactly happened, fans are speculating why. Although details are sparse, here’s everything we know about it so far.

Rapper NBA Big B was involved in the shooting on November 21st in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was shot in the leg, but reportedly remains in a stable condition in hospital.

Although it’s unclear who shot NBA Big B, some reports suggest that the shooter was killed during the altercation.

The exact location of the shooting is unconfirmed, as police were called to a gas station nearby. Some users on Twitter suggested that the shooting may have been part of a home invasion.

Fans think he was shot because of King Von connection

After rapper King Von’s death on November 6th, NBA Big B allegedly went live on Instagram, to laugh about Von’s passing.

The man who killed King Von was allegedly an affiliate of NBA Young Boy, and half-brother of rapper Quando Rondo. Despite King Von’s statement, the day before his death, denying any beef between himself and NBA Young Boy, many fans believe there was some conflict between them.

So far, there has been no official statement regarding the reason behind NBA Big B’s shooting or the identity of the perpetrator.

Still, some Twitter users have had a field day speculating on the matter.

Others have pointed out that the shooting taking place in Louisiana means it’s likely unrelated to King Von:

Who is NBA Big B?

NBA Big B is an affiliate of NBA Young Boy and is signed to his label NBA Records. The rapper hails from Chicago and his best-known songs include Rapstar, Smoke and Time 2 Ride.

He’s normally on Instagram under the handle @nba_selfpaid, but he has deactivated his account after the shooting.

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