Many Twitter users are ‘cancelling’ Sia after the trailer for her new film Music got released. Here’s all the drama explained.

Australian singer Sia is the latest celebrity to be ‘cancelled’ by the internet after she received a lot of backlash surrounding her new movie Music.

The film follows the story of an autistic teenager, and Twitter users have deemed it ‘offensive’ and ‘inaccurate’ whilst also claiming it fails to portray such an important topic in the correct way.

Let’s explore the controversy…

Why is Sia ‘cancelled’?

The drama all surrounds Sia’s new film Music, an American drama film that is due to be released in early 2021. One of the main themes within the film is disability, with one of the main characters, who has been cast as Maddie Ziegler, is autistic.

Fans started ‘cancelling’ Sia after the trailer for Music was released on Friday, claiming that many things were wrong with the film, including her choice of casting and alleged lack of research.

It all started when Irish actress Bronagh Waugh asked Sia why the character wasn’t played by an autistic actor. “It’s pretty offensive the way you’ve chosen to portray this character. People with disabilities are not broken and don’t need fixing,” she said.

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Sia then responded by saying: “I agree. I’ve never referred to music as disabled. Special abilities is what I’ve always said, and casting someone at her level of functioning was cruel, not kind, so I made the executive decision that we would do our best to lovingly represent the community.”

However, this was met with even more backlash, and Twitter users began claiming that Sia had not done enough research to produce a film about such a sensitive topic.

One person said: “Did you do any research or consult the community at all? It’s very condescending to say it would be cruel to consult a disabled actor.”

Sia then responded with an angry tone, saying: “Duh. I spent three fucking years researching, I think that’s why I’m so f***ing bummed.”

Others thought that the trailer portrayed people with autism as ‘suffering’, and argued that it should take a more positive outlook.

One person said: “Autistic people do not bring their families or carers suffering, in fact it’s often caregivers who cause harm to disabled people. autistic people need to be allowed to tell their own stories, not this garbage.”

However, Sia responded by telling fans that they simply needed to wait and watch the film to realise its meaning.

“Incredibly disappointing to see yet another misrepresentation of neurodivergent people. What an incredibly wasted opportunity to showcase autistic talent, and share an authentic story from that community. Will not be watching this,” said another Twitter user.

However, Sia revealed that the character was based on her “neuro atypical friend” who “found it too stressful being non-verbal”. “I made this movie with nothing but love for him and his mother,” she said.

Fans defend Sia after she’s ‘cancelled’

Despite Sia’s continuous efforts to educate people about the true meaning of the film, many fans have ‘cancelled’ her on Twitter following the trailer release.

However, lots of fans also rushed to support Sia, claiming that the backlash over her film Music had been a huge overreaction.

One person said: “People got too much time on their hands and love to make drama out of everything. Sia did not cast an autistic person for an autistic character part in her MV, she made this project out of love for a dear neuro atypical friend of hers. Now she’s trending and being ‘cancelled’.”

“Can everyone get a grip on actors playing roles. It’s called acting for a reason and shows getting cancelled because someone isn’t trans or autistic is killing our diminishing arts scene,” said another.

Another Twitter user said: “Sia casts an actor to act, most actors don’t portray who they are 100% in real life or it wouldn’t be called acting. What next? Only an actual serial killer can play Ted Bundy, Zac Efron must be cancelled? This stupidity has to stop.”

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