A Change.org petition to get Priti Patel sacked from her role as Home Secretary is going viral online after an inquiry found she “broke the ministerial code”.

Home Secretary Priti Patel is under fire on Twitter following reports of alleged bullying by a number of civil servants. An inquiry found that she did unintentially “break the ministerial code”, which states that ministers must treat others with respect.

Boris Johnson chose to support Priti Patel and has not sacked her from the party. However, social media users don’t agree with his decision and have started their own petition to get the Home Secretary fired.

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Inqiry finds Priti Pritel “broke the ministerial code”

On Thursday (November 19th), a Cabinet Office inquiry looking into allegations of bullying by Priti Patel found that she unintentionally “broke the ministerial code”.

According to the BBC, The Ministerial Code says: “Ministers should be professional in their working relationships with the civil service and treat all those with whom they come into contact with consideration and respect.”

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This comes after civil servants from three different government departments claimed they had received bullying and harassment from the Home Secretary.

Patel has denied the allegations of bullying, but did make a public apology.

Petition to sack Priti Patel goes viral

Despite pressure, Boris Johnson has refused to sack the Home Secretary following the findings of the report.

He decided to ignore the report verdict of his independent adviser Sir Alex Alan who has now resigned after Boris Johnson put his support in Priti Patel.

However, some of the public don’t agree with Boris Johnson’s decision, and a Change.org petition to get Priti Patel sacked has now gone viral on social media.

The petition titled “Say no to bullies, Priti Patel must resign or be sacked” has currently had over 2,000 signatures, and that number is increasing every second.

In the description, it says:

“Bullying is unacceptable in any situation and must be stopped. For a senior Government Minister to have carried out bullying is totally unacceptable and for that to be deemed acceptable by the British Government sends all the wrong signals to our children. Priti Patel must either immediately resign or be sacked to show that this practice will not be tolerated anywhere.”

The petition which is directed at Boris Johnson and Priti Patel is getting huge support on social media, and people continue to demand that the Home Secretary be sacked.

#BullyPatel trends on Twitter

Priti Patel made a public apology following the findings of the report in which she said:

“I’m sorry that my behaviour has upset people, and I have never intentionally set out to upset anyone. I work with thousands of brilliant civil servants every single day and we work together day in day out to deliver on the agenda of this government. I am absolutely sorry for anyone I have upset.”

However, social media users continue to turn against Priti Patel, and the hashtag #BullyPatel is now being used on Twitter to discuss the Home Secretary.

One Twitter user said: “The current UK government seem to be using Trump style tactics in an attempt to cover up their failings. Get ministers/mp’s to ignore the truth and express support for dear leader and his bullying cohorts #BorisJohnsonMustGo #BullyPatel #CountryOverParty #oneruleforthem.”

Referring to her apology, another said: “Is she slightly smirking in parts? This apology reminds me of the ones bullies are forced to say in school and then they continue to bully. #BullyPatel.”

“How not to apologise – “sorry if people felt they were bullied” isn’t same as “sorry I bullied you”. She even makes apologising passive-aggressive #BullyPatel #PritiPatel,” said another.

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