In the latest viral trend, TikTok users are showing their followers how to stop their gag reflex, and scientific evidence has proven that the hack does actually work!

One popular genre on TikTok is hack videos, and users love to share their own tips and tricks that make their lives a whole lot easier. Some popular ones include the coffee creamer hack and the cereal box hack, which have both blown the minds of internet users.

Now, there’s a new one to add to the mix – a hack to stop you from gagging. Yes, you heard that right. People on TikTok are explaining exactly how to stop your gag reflex – but does it actually work? Let’s explore the hack…

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TikTok user explains how to stop your gag reflex

At some point in their life, everyone has experienced a time where they’ve seen, smelt or tasted something that’s instantly set off their gag reflex. It can be really annoying, especially if you have an overly sensitive gag reflex that can be triggered at the smallest of things.

A new TikTok trend sees users explaining exactly how you can avoid an embarrassing situation by stopping your gag reflex. Yes, apparently there is a way to stop it – and here’s exactly how.

The original video showing the hack was posted by a user called @h.xrry._ back in March 2020, and it’s had millions of views and 286,000 likes. Here are his steps:

  • Get your left hand and wrap your fingers around your thumb so it’s inside a fist.
  • Squeeze as hard as you can.
  • After five seconds, press your right index finger on your chin and count to five.
  • Then, using your right thumb and index finger, squeeze the skin on your left hand in-between the thumb and index finger for five seconds.

After demonstrating the steps, he says “now you’ve got rid of your gag reflex” and proceeds to put his finger down his throat to prove it.


TRY THIS !!!!! it works no joke!!! @xd_efc222 told me this !!! #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #viral

♬ Image getting clout by dueting me – H A R R Y 😉

Twitter users react to the TikTok gag reflex hack

Even though the hack was posted over eight months ago, many people are only just discovering it now, and it’s safe to say people are pretty happy with it.

One Twitter user said: “My TikTok for u page blessed me with a trick for no gag reflex.”

“I saw a random TikTok that was like “here’s to make your gag reflex disappear” and it’s genuinely worked?” said another.

Many people have said the hack would be perfect to use when you’re having a Covid test.

A third person said: “Omg if I ever need a Covid test imma do that TikTok trick I seen to get rid of ur gag reflex.”

Does it actually work?

The only way to truly find out if the hack works is to try it yourself. Everybody has a different gag reflex, so what works for one person might not work for another.

However, the TikTok video can actually be backed up by science.

The gag reflex, also known as the pharyngeal reflex, is activated when something touches the roof of the mouth or the back of the tongue or throat, causing a contraction of the throat which aims to prevent choking.

It’s always been known that acupressure can help with pain, illness or stress. But, a 2008 study actually found that pressing a certain point on the palm consistently can alter the gag reflex.

The best way of doing this is by wrapping your fingers around your thumb and squeezing, as the TikTok video suggested.

So, this isn’t just a silly TikTok hack after all, it’s a real scientific theory!

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