Over the past five years, Facebook have been involved in a lawsuit in Illinois. In August 2020, a settlement of $650 million was reached, and here’s how you could get a share of that.

If you’re from Illinois, you’ve probably seen a lot of people on Facebook talking about a lawsuit. That’s because if you’re a Facebook user from the Midwestern state, you might actually be eligible to get some of the settlement.

Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook’s Illinois lawsuit, including exactly how to claim your share.

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

What is the Facebook Illinois lawsuit?

A lawsuit against Facebook is currently taking place over alleged violations of biometric privacy law in Illinois.

It was first filed in April 2015 by Chicago attorney Jay Edelson, who alleged that Facebook used facial tagging features without consent, which was not allowed under Illinois’ privacy laws.

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The case was taken to Chicago federal court and then to California federal court.

Residents of Illinois can claim their share

In January 2020, Facebook agreed to settle the lawsuit for $550 million, but this was denied and the settlement was increased to $650 million.

Facebook users in Illinois can currently claim their share of the $650 million class action settlement.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “nearly 1.4 million people had filed a claim as of Wednesday, which would make the expected payout about $400 each.”

How to claim your share

To qualify, you must be a Facebook user who has lived in Illinois for at least six months over the last nine years, before the settlement was agreed in August 2020.

The deadline to file a claim is Monday, November 23rd 2020.

To film a claim, visit this website.